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The New and Trendy Way to Practice?

March 9, 2018

We all know that technology has become a part of all of our lives.  As a former teacher, administrations always pushed us to "find a new way to teach a lesson, and involve technology!"  Many classrooms around the country are following this model and it is becoming very effective in many places.


This is also true for the game of golf!  Many players, whether it be the best on the PGA Tour or the many amateurs around the world, are utilizing technology to sharpen their games.  This has resulted in a rise in interest in golf simulators, one of the best ways to practice (especially if it is raining outside!).


We at Square One for Youth and the Square One Golf Performance Center have embraced this technology and are utilizing it in our facility, lessons and upcoming golf camps.  Check out the interesting article below for more information about how golf simulators are taking the golfing world by storm!


And of course, if you would like to check out what our simulators can do, give us a call at 678-765-7868 or email us at




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